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What is BitMile ?
BitMile is a decentralized crypto-marketing platform using blockchain technology.

Users provide their data in the secure way, take offers from enterprises, and get tokens in return.

Enterprises reach to users with matching data, perform marketing offers, and pay tokens.
What's BitMile ?
Service Model
Service Model


Nguyen Viet Ha
Viet Ha Nguyen (Ken Ohara)
2007: Founder of A.N.Lab, an R&D consulting firm with 60 employees and clients from Japanese universities and R&D institutions.
2015: Co-founder and CTO at, a VR streaming startup in Silicon Valley. Raised 3M USD, with development team over 10 countries.
2018: CEO and CTO at BitMile Inc.
M.S., Ph.D. coursework completed, Northeastern University, Boston. Patent holder in U.S. and Japan.
三井 正義
Masayoshi Mitsui
Co-founder and CEO at CollaboGate, a major actor in the blockchain ecosystem in Tokyo. Leading global projects with international communities, blockchain-related networkers and projects for alliance and partnership management. Founder and CEO of Bitom, Inc.
2018: CMO at BitMile Inc.
M.S., Keio University. Research work on Distributed Autonomous Cooperative Systems.
Jinichi Hatano
Jinichi Hatano
2000: Founded NetMile Inc., a point-exchange service with the vision of becoming the first virtual currency in Japan. Currently handling most major point systems in Japanese daily life.
Advisor to Japanese government bureaus on laws for product presentation and payment services.
2010: Sold NetMile to Mitsui & Co. Buying back through M&A. Currently INM Holdings Chairman. 2018: Director at BitMile Inc.
MBA, Keio University Business School.
Hikari Sakai
Hikari Sakai
Serial entrepreneur. Founder of BrandDatabank, InterestMarketing Inc.
2009: Sold BrandDatabank to Macromill, a major marketing research corporation in Japan. Director at Macromill.
2017: CEO at NetMile Inc. Expert in business planning and development for advertising and marketing research business.
Norihito Fukuda
Norihito Fukuda
2004: TOS Inc. Mobile business development. HR and administration manager.
2007: CFO at Any Inc.
2010: CFO at NetMile Inc. Expert in business planning and and development and legal matters. Started the NetMile marketing research service.
Hosei University, law department.


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